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Release notes for the new demo released. I think this will be our final one...promise!

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Wow. So finishing this game is proving a long slog. But I think we’re almost there. A couple of new TINY features have been added in this demo release, which I think make the game better. They are:

1. Bad scan points appear orange for the training levels, to help the player get used to them. After that they’ll appear the same colour as other scan points, so you have to remember where they are ;) I hope this gets people more used to the core mechanics in an easier way, as before I think it was pretty hard!

2. Choice emails. Players now get emails asking them to choose 1 patient out of 2 to see (and potentially save). You only have age, sex and occupation info to go on, although some patients also try to bribe you. It’s up to the player to choose though! Your choices on these patients across the whole game DO affect the ending, in a minor way.

Known issues with this build:
1. Sometimes the vector outlines (surrounding the interface) don’t appear in the treatment room. It hasn’t happened for a while, but I haven’t fixed it either, so it may appear.

To fix, just exit the level and resume.

Please report any bugs you find, all info is very useful and much appreciated!


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