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I get pretty busy on the weekends, so expect little progress on weekends

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Hi guys, sorry about the lack of work over the weekend. I've been doing a model a night so far, and i plan to keep em coming as fast as i can. I get up to other stuff on the weekend though, so expect progress to be slow to none on these times. I am working on some of the larger ships now, like the frigates and capital craft, so they may take a day or so longer than the other stuff.

Also, if you haven't yet, check out the feature list and do some contribution as well. I'm open to ideas. Comments on the current models will be nice as well!

I'm rendering you guys a 360 of the completed sleeper ship model (untextured ofcourse). well, its completed at the moment anyway, until i figure out exactly how i need to modify it to get components and what not to work. should be good. Its taking around 7~ minutes per frame so we should give it a few hours..heh (250 frames total :p ). Something to look forward to tomorrow if i havnt finished any more models by then. (I still have school, so thats another thing to worry about. Last week before my 2 week break though so things should pick up alot more then since we're finilizing alot of things at school this week!

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