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Mod is cancelled due to corrupt account data or whatever, dunno but had to create new account wiping all my old files including the mod. Sorry to disappoint everyone once again, as I'm sure you will all remind me, i've never finished any Bf2 mods I've either lead or worked on

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Copied from my profile blog thing:

So basically, as you may or may not know i've been modding Bf2 for a while and have been working on a mod called The District. However, recently, having finished my A-Levels (a UK exam thing we take at the age of 18 in Sixth Form, not sure if it is done elsewhere), I have been gifted back my free time which I had hoped to put to the use of making huge progress on mod, or so I would have hoped. Today, I woke up to do some work on it to discover that my profile on my PC had become corrupted. After several long frustrating hours of Googling and watching countless YouTube tutorials about it, I could not find a way around it for the life of me, I mean I'm no expert which computers at all. Many of these tutorials state that as a fail safe I should delete my account and make a new one, which I have done resulting in me erasing several hundred GBs of stuff from over the past like 6 years, including Bf2 and all my modding work.

As a result, I now cannot possibly continue my Bf2 mod as i've lost all the files for it. This is extremely disheartening for myself having spent nearly 2 years working on it all for it to be lost as simply as it was. I had a back-up version on my back-up hard drive (USB hard drive separate from my PC), but this was over a year out of date and so much has changed since then. I just have decided to simply stop the mod. This is very frustrating as I've never completely finished any of the modding projects i've ever lead or worked on, as many I'm sure will remind me. Luckily i had started using a MacBook over a year ago for personal use stuff explaining what I'm typing this on now, and my PC was only for gaming.

I honestly cannot be bothered to reinstall all my games for a while meaning that I'm not sure if I wish to continue modding in future. I'm going to university in September and wasn't planning to take my PC with me, so probably from September onwards, I'll probably cease my activity on this site. This corrupt profile stuff has compounded this.

So, in conclusion, this blog post is sort of an unsure goodbye to Mod DB. It's been an interesting but fun time on this site over the past 4 years. I'd like to thank all of the like-minded people I've encountered who share my love for such a brilliant game as Battlefield 2 and work tirelessly to keep it active. Who knows, maybe this isn't my goodbye, perhaps in a week or so I might re-install Bf2 and try and create something else, or I may not, we shall see. Sorry to disappoint everyone again.

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I am so sorry to hear this mate. It was nice having you around and to help out sometimes (not that I did much though), and I shared the enthusiasm for your mod and I am truly sad to hear this.

I hope to still be seeing you around here. Take care. :)

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Hugh020 Author

Thank you for the support you've given me on this project means a lot even though it was in vain :)

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