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After reinstalling windows and doing crap to my computer to fix problems caused by updating NVIDIA drivers, my G:\ Drive becomes corrupt, which contains my amnesia, along with my custom story and the maps, im afraid this custom story is now dead...

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One day, for no reason at all, i decide to update my NVIDIA Drivers, which ends up giving me a "Installation Failed" error, following by a restart and then my PC not able to boot anymore, so i reinstalled windows, but after i do, i find a tool called Acronis Disk Director, which then i use to add a extra 14gb on to my games Drive G:\, it wors, later i try adding more unused space onto my C:\ drive and i notice that my G:\ drive is no longer working, when i double click on it, it says: "The file or Direcory is corrupted and unreadable."
Unfortunatly, my G:\ drive contains all my non-steam games, including amnesia, and that amnesia directory had my custom story, therfor my custom story is dead... sorry guys that this happened

If you have any idea on how i can fix this corrupt Drive that i have not formatted yet then please get in contact with me, (not email please because i never read mine, :( soz)

I have no idea if i will ever bother making a custom story, it isn't hard, but it's hard to keep myself motivated as i am just some guy who plays video games for a living hehehe, therfor i don't have a very large audience that is depending on me, nor do i have time and it sometimes can bore me to tears

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