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UPDATE!!!!! Just a quick update on what is going on during the development of the mod. Letting you know that it's still active, even though I have been relatively silent for a while.

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The mod is still very much alive, it is in active development currently. But recent problems such as my main PC not liking Source SDK very much combined with other problems such as high-school, other projects and the rest of my life. It will take a while longer, but I believe that the absolute worst part of the development cycle is behind me, that being literally days before school started back up. Funny how the development cycle is only starting to heal 363 days after I started this mod. Yeah! Two days from now, WITA will have been in development for one year! To think! I thought I would have finished by June 2013 XD! What an idiot I was. Don't worry, the mod will be released, probably before summer 2014. It won't be a super advanced sourcemod like Black Mesa or anything like that. Just a simple mod with not too much different from the source material. If that is what you started watching for, that is what you'll get. A simple but memorable experience.

Oh! Props to Callum Sharp for helping me realize that I don't need to resort to outside intrusion! As all it leads to is complications and depression! So yeah! Thanks for boosting my self confidence! No hard feelings about the "misunderstanding" if you are reading this at all.

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