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I have had some real life things to take care of but I am back now.

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Sorry about the delay in updates. I have had real life things to take care of. I had a book project to finish and am currently sick. This is the reason the first thing I did when I made this mod was to write an article warning you guys about how updates might slow greatly at time. Updates should return to normal in about a week, alpha 4 has some really nice new features coming in it. Listed below are a few.

  • 1 new player class, the commander. He is a glass cannon with 75 HP and damage vulnerability he will be 1 shot by most enemies, but he has an extremely strong crossbow with a secondary fire that spawns marines, it charges up like the enforcers weapon and uses 50 charge per marine spawned, it contains a maximum of 100 charge. These marines are based on the MarinEX mod that was abandoned years ago. I will be adding more spawnable marines in the future. I have also made a non-reign of bullets version of these marines. I will soon be uploading these normal non-projectile firing marines. They have been re-equipped with hitscan weapons in this version. This version will be free to use for anyone as long as they give credit. The mod will be named MarineEXpanded. The code has also been updated to a more modern version with a few more features. So far 4 new NPCs are added in this mod. An engineer who builds turrets, and UAC mechs. The other one added in this version is a dual pistol man that fires faster and deals out mass amounts of punishment.
  • 2 new commander bosses. The imp warlord and Zombie Commander have been added and spawn zombies and imps while attacking. Be sure to take these guys out first because if you dont you will be overwhelmed by the hordes they spawn. The NPCs they spawn are relatively weak with the zombiemen spawned by the Commander no longer splitting into mini versions.
  • More to come later.

Once again sorry for going inactive

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