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Unexpected changes happen all the time, especially 2020. We're working to catch up.

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In March this year, during an online class (schools' shut down because of Covid19) we finally decided to put our crazy idea into practice ---- replicating the Rivals mobile game and making it into a REAL command and conquer RTS. The progress was optimistic at the beginning, but things don't just sail smoothly all the time.

2020 has been a rough year, and sure you all know what's the priority for high school students like us. Plus, there is no chance to monetize a game modification like this either. But since so many of the fans are waiting for a project just like this, and we have gain support from game modding communities of different nations, it's not a good idea to disappoint them. There are already so many potential mods just ended up TBD forever right under our eyes even they seem to be only several steps away from a functioning open beta. Thus, we decided to finish what we've started. This project shall not be abandoned, not now, not on our hands.

Most of the model refining and colorization on NOD units are completed, and GDI units are half the way... Many of their models require a remaster on geometric details or smoothing groups. Partially because we changed our texturing plan: in order to save time (and the graphic card's valuable video memory) and unify the art style, we used a pallet as texture, and the in-game result seems better than expected. No need to worry about all the lack of anti-aliasing on DXT compression since the coloring are basically vector faces!

The mechanics can be easily replicated and optimized on RA3 engines, Visual FX and Sound FX might take a while but they can be updated step by step in future versions. A relatively completed, functioning open beta is right around the corner. There will be various issues especially about balancing and glitches --- it's a natural part of developing a software, we'll be glad if you can report and help us improve. Stay tuned, we may update at anytime during this vacation.

"As long as we keep moving forward, the path will continue to extend.

Do not stop the pace! "


Don't worry we can wait

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