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I apologize for taking so long to get the next version out.

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I just got distracted by a lot of things, but some of those distractions are gone and I've been planning the next release. I don't have a specific date but I'm hoping to get it done by the end of this month.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm happy to take them, I'm not making this mod so much for me but for you all as well.

Oh yeah, there is a possibility that the weapons won't be as strong, I may bump some of them down by 50% just so it's not so easy for the player to get through.

I've also figured out how to edit the DLC Weapons without messing up certain things like the icons for it.

Some other things I'm planning are making your squad mates be able to use a special weapon but it'd only be the grenade launcher.

Or, everyone can use the assault rifle but the ones who don't originally use them would only be able to use the Default (just so in cut scenes it's not so retarded that everyone uses one but u can't select it for them).

It depends, heck I may just make two different versions of it, one where everyone has an assault rifle and one where everyone can use a special weapon and has only one normal weapon. We'll see.

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