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I uploaded a video about the new graphical effects and enemy.

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List of everything I've worked on this month:
- Water Shader
- Edge Blur / Vignette
- Collision Detection Finished
-Enterable buildings and building logic
- Enemy: Hornet
- One-Way Doors
- Key Unlocked Doors*
- Initial Testing for GWT Version*
- Rewrote entire enemy AI and logic system*
- Imported Several Assets*
- Made the Helminth Animate during movement
(* marks a feature not shown in the video.)

Additionally, I rewrote the way the camera works so that the right analogue stick shifts the camera further in the direction the worm is facing and the left analogue stick controls only movement. I also added an "Ouroborous" form, which just means the Helminth moves around in a perfect circle while a button is held. This may be used for puzzles, but unless it plays an important role in the game I will remove it.

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