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New fighter models, improved effects, experimenting with HDR audio and upcoming demo.

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Recently I've come across some nice looking anime-style modular fighter construction kit. I couldn't resist and had to try it out. Here are some results:

Arrow06: one more hit

Arrow06: chase

The weapon effects got some improvements as well: the muzzle flush, the shot itself and the impact are better looking. The gun shooting and impact sound effects are more diverse and clear now.

Arrow06: front

I've also introduced a couple of post effects into the game - reddening of screen edges as damage indication, heat wave on explosion, etc.

Damage post-effect

All of this will be a part of sop3000 dogfight demo which I really hope to release real soon. I just have to fix one last thing - the audio. My current implementation was quite naive and as a result, with the big amount of the action going on the screen, Unity audio system gets overloaded: sounds become distorted or even not played at all.

After looking around a bit I've come across this interesting idea of HDR audio, which looks like exactly what I need. Seems also like it should be not too difficult to implement it in Unity. So this is what I'm doing right now, and once it's done, I will finally publish the demo!

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