Post news RSS soooo....What did i actually do?

well im glad you asked! an so im gunna give you the low down on whats what in Long War! the intention for this mod was to give each faction its own unique feel according to what I thought, after a couple of weeks of tampering I thought it would be cool to publish it. and that why it ended up here. but the total point of this news report it to kinda stir up any sot of response to what is a very simple mod. so without further a do here you do. and remember to truly command and conquer!!!!........

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GDI --

Powerful, Strongest units in the game.
Expensive, Slow (and to
build), poor AI (in comparison)

Nod --

cheap lesser
units and buildings, Powerful greater units, full stealth
Poor Lesser units, Expensive Greater units, Can get
mowed down quite easily.

Scrin --

Cheap everything,
Powerful everything, Fast.
Where’s the armour?, AOE weapons wet
dream, OP AI (my bad)


are there any
units of specific mention?

why yes! yes there is...

underpowered and expensive (Unless your scin).
but sill the only GDI
anti Garrison, full battle armour. use for hit and runs in

Orca --
No ammo requirement, better
still requires air pad space. high health makes these
ultra powerful against the ground. period.

Buzzers --
attack, low cost.
armour like wet cardboard. useless over clear
ground. use for ambushes.

Tripod --
be killed by Riflemen....if not shot at. use all the time.

Long range, powerful attack, just plan kick-ass.
costly. use
to kill lesser scin units in one hit!

Attack bike
Weak. use in numbers to kill everything. and I mean

:) now lets kick ass!

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