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Read the information about these Salah`Zarr sons, battle brother!

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Sons of Aturoshan

Main leader:
Exarch Ataulf

Champion Warrior:
Brother-colonel Barnaby Khar`Lan

Ruling council:
Brothers of Extermination

Number of group:
10 000 warriors (includes vehicles operators and aviators)

Sons of Aturoshan Order was announced by Salah`Zarr in the times of Old Potestas. First, who started to be members of this organization, were the most loyal servants of this god from Eladramano planet. They underwent many changes in laboratoriums, and became the powerful creatures, modernized ideal warriors. After the fall of Potestas, this Order started to be silent and quiet, but memories weren`t lost. Many of battle brothers were submerged to anabiosis. Soon, when Salah`Zarr returned to real world, this organization again started to rise. They were like one of thousand cults, but soon, again woke up like in the old times. Salah`Zarr activated this "dreaming" order and took control on whole lands, which were earlier part of the Potestas. When new planets started to be part of the new system, Aturoshan Order became the most dangerous organization of reborned state. Many of modernized warriors woke up after many years of dream. Reborned Potestas government made this order something like Elite Group of the whole realm. Now in the modern period Sons of Aturoshan are again dangerous and cruel for their enemies. They are ready to punish heretics and spread the Word of Salah`Zarr to the whole universe.

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