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An update on what we're doing with the project as of late.

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The Sonic Generations DLC Project has been slowed recently, but is expected to pick back up very, very soon. Why? Well, we're hiring. We need extra level designers to create a couple new levels for us or at least give us ideas. Note: I haven't been able to upload any videos of what we're doing since there's something wrong with the way ModDB reads YouTube url's.

Now, regarding the amount of levels in the pack, it's going to be a little less than 100 now. We decided not to have so many levels, as it would be almost nothing like Unleashed and would also take longer to make.

Also, some stages are being renamed. Act 2-3 has become Act 4 in some locations, Act 1-3 has become act 3 ins some locations, etc. Please note that the level design for finished stages will NOT change even though we may change the name. Act 1-2's and 2-2's will keep their names.

Thank you,
Sonic Gens DLC Project Team

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