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We celebrate some good news with 2 new song releases! Also I give an update on the progress of the mod!

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My good friend, and sound designer for Chell's Legend, Luke Hatton just recently got a job at Traveller's Tales in England! I wanted to take this time and Congratulate Luke on finally breaking into the industry and taking that extra step to learn more about his passion for sound design. In celebration, I am releasing 2 songs that Luke made for Chell's Legend. I hope you all enjoy these songs as much as I do!

Title : In your Head
(Removed because it was auto playing)

Title : Sleeper Cell
(Removed because it was auto playing)

Once again thanks for your hard work Luke and I hope everyone enjoys the music!

I have been going back through the mod and adding more story moments. I figured this is my first release of the Legend series and I want to hit it big! So I've been reworking things and merging story bits from the other episodes in hopes for a richer experience for the player. I know a lot of you have been waiting to play this but I won't be releasing this until I am AT LEAST 98% happy with it :P.

You can find the original blog post here on the site
and if you would like to download the songs they are in the Downloads section of the moddb profile.



New news is good news :)

The music looks pretty good, sets a good environment.

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Very Nice.

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