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This is the devlog for week 13 of developing Songbringer, a zelda-like action / adventure / RPG.

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Probably the biggest item completed this week was a lock and key puzzle / dungeon generator inspired by @tccoxon's metazelda. One way that it's unique is that it does not make a distinction between keys and switches. It's also custom built for Songbringer so it can take advantage of whatever ideas come up and work nicely with the area generator and also choose just the right foes for a room's difficulty level. Here's the list of this week's accomplishments:

  • Procedural lock and key dungeon generator
  • New enemy "The Sinth" moves slowly but can breath a cloud of scary, paralyzing gas
  • New enemy "The Raaz" can shoot plasma bolts and clam up in a defensive position
  • Projectile and explosion system
  • Shield system
  • New container type item can hold other items, be locked / invincible and require a number of hits to open once unlocked
  • Colored keys and doors system
  • Difficulty factors applied to dungeons so they ramp up in difficulty nicely

Here's a gif of some of this new stuff:

And one of the latest screenshots:

And here's the timelapse video of week 13 development:

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