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This is the devlog for week 12 of developing Songbringer, a zelda-like action / adventure / RPG.

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This week of development began with some excitement to get a little title scene created. That got done and so much more! Here's a list of stuff accomplished:

  • Save games can now be created, selected and erased
  • Keyboard keys and gamepad buttons can be rebound
  • A mega seed can be entered for each new game, creating an entirely unique overworld and dungeons
  • Two game modes can be selected: regular and permadeath
  • Artwork began for several new items: oranges, key cards, the proton helmet, hover boots, power gloves, fire orb, ice orb, plasma orb and psychedelic cacti
  • Inventory screen started - items can be selected
  • Mini map is now drawn on the hud

Here's a gif of some of this new stuff:

A shot of some of the new items:

And here's the timelapse video of week 12 development:

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