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Get a preview of what's new in Song of the Sea for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Take a look at the superbly integrated vanilla-esque leveling system, the new skill tree, and the dozens of unique siren powers and abilities that await you!

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SotS ModDB Header

SotS Header What is SotS

Song of the Sea is a siren-themed small-DLC sized expansion for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Engage in a character-driven, lore-firendly questline featuring new locations and a new worldspace to uncover the mystery and power behind the sirens of the Sea of Ghosts.

Gain the ability to become a siren yourself - will you choose to be a nature-loving mermaid, a hardened siren warrior, a powerful hydromancer, a deadly and seductive siren, or anything in-between?

SotS Header Progress

Siren skill and skill tree

Player experience is extremely important. Too many Skyrim mods require the player to constantly flit through menus or perform unusual actions in order to engage with their systems. This is why I've been hard at work creating a siren skill leveling system that works just like any other skill in the base game - including UI notifications and sounds. That's right - you gain experience for your siren skill by performing actions while in siren form and using your siren abilities. Not only that, but I've been designing an entire brand-new siren skill perk tree, filled with dozens of immersive perks that provides so many options that it actually supports different siren builds. Choose to be a hardened siren warrior, control the water itself as a mystical hydromancer, commune with sea life as a nature-loving mermaid, lure foes to their demise as a deadly seductress, and more. The end result is something that feels shockingly close to being part of the base game, is deep enough to support entire siren-themed playthroughs, and will keep you coming back for more.

(Note that the images below are not final and will be improved upon before release.)

Siren level up

Siren skill tree

Siren powers and abilities

Naturally leveling up is great, but it doesn't mean anything unless you get some cool new stuff to play with. That's why I've been working on a a plethora of new siren powers and abilities.

Most of the passive abilities focus on giving you useful bonuses when in the water while in siren form, such as faster swim speeds, enhanced water jump height, increased health, magicka, and/or stamina regeneration rates, making sea life passive, and more. The goal is to make a siren character feel "at home" in the water and actively want to seek it out.

My goal with the siren powers to add new, useful, and unique water-based powers that aren't just re-skins of existing spells or powers. Most of these are only usable when swimming in siren form, but they are designed to compliment a siren's abilities and enhance siren gameplay in immersive and creative ways. Lure prey with your Siren Song, blast back enemies that got too close with Hydroshock, emerge unseen from the waves using Refraction, light up the sea floor using Bioluminescence, summon a school of slaughterfish to defend you, forcibly pull your helpless foes into the depths with Undertow, summon a rideable crab to help you traverse land, release the kraken upon your enemies, and more.

Release the kraken

Siren jump transition



Land Strider work-in-progress

Writhing mass

SotS Header Whats next

This was a mid-milestone update since I just added this project to ModDB. I will continue to work on the siren powers, abilities, skill tree, and leveling system. Another update will be posted when these portions are complete.

If you are interested in this mod, be sure to check out the main mod page for a general overview, preview of the epic underwater player home, Siren's Rest, and ways you can support and contribute to the mod!

Thanks for reading!
-Delta 6

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