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It's been a hell of a year for us at Cyno Studios, on a rollercoaster between covid and milestones that we never thought possible. Thankyou for supporting us, we wish you a Merry Christmas, and many enjoyable EVE-esque battles ahead. ❤️

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue with Mining Fleet selection along with Combat Fleets.
  • Fixed Warp Disruption burst bubble not working correctly.
  • Fixed Ferox Battlecruiser using the wrong MWD.
  • Fixed [c] Skybox vertical artifacts.
  • Fixed Domain Skybox being too bright at certain angles.
  • Fixed Machariel Battleship and Caracal Cruiser having the wrong tank.
  • Fixed Officer Tuvan Orth, Cormack Vaaja having old icons.
  • Fixed a critical error in the triage repairers on all Force Auxiliaries, where all 4 levels of the abilities would not be correctly available (possibly as a residual effect of it having smartbombs), this has now been fixed, resulting essentially in a buff to all Faxes.
  • Fixed the Noctis having incorrect Hull Type “VeryHeavy”, this has been corrected to Medium.
  • Reduced the amount of drifting that ships would do after approaching targets at high speed. There will still be quite minimal drift from very fast ships when they hit the brakes hard, but it's greatly improved.
  • Fixed an issue with a number of officer Battleships were found to be using the incorrect graphical effects for their weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where dreadnoughts would go into siege mode next to an invulnerable structure.
  • Fixed a major long-standing issue where the pact bonuses would fail to actually work. and adjusted a few of the properties as a temporary measure until the content can be remade.
  • Improved Titan fleet composition.
  • Fixed broken multiplayer screen.
  • Fixed string issues around the pirate sanctums not being distinguishable (All of them were called “Pirate Sanctum” despite having distinct NPC's.

Meshes & Ships

New shield meshes for Heron, Merlin, Condor, Cormorant, Caracal, Blackbird, Drake, Scorpion, Raven, Phoenix, Revelation, Moros, Celestis, Brutix, Protheus, Xordazh, Atron, Incursus, Megathron, Lif, Golem and Nestor.

Added 2 extra turret hardpoints for Amarr Battleship Abaddon.

NEW Rorqual

This new Rorqual variant serves as a platform to boost your mining fleet operation, it essentially replaces the role the Command Orca previously served.

  • This Rorqual has the following abilities.
    • Industrial Core
    • Capital Shield Booster
    • P.A.N.I.C Module
    • Warp Drive
  • The load out for this ship is essentially a basic local tanking loadout using faction meta modules and lower where applicable (such as lower levels of shield booster ability)
  • This ship will also animate its transformation when placed into its industrial core mode.
  • Note too that this Rorqual does not have a direct mining ability itself, and solely is for boosting other miners.
  • The original Rorqual, with a more basic generic role with some buffer tank, drones, colonizing ability, local and remote shield booster, remains in place as a starting unit for both players and the AI. and cannot be replaced when killed. The new one takes the build slot of the old one on manual player profiles.


  • Incorporated new improved shaders from Sins: Remastered 0.95b (This mod is optimized around Post processing & bloom ON so don't be discouraged not to use it.)

Visual representation of what ticking this box will do -----> REMASTERED ON 1, refers to Post-processing being ON


Visual representation of what un-ticking this box will do -----> REMASTERED OFF 1, refers to Post-processing being OFF


  • Neutral lightning for all ships on all skyboxes
  • Proper shield colors for Amarr, Gallente, Caldari, Minmatar, Serpentis, SOE, Guristas, Sleepers, Triglavians, Sansha, Angel, Mordu Races.


  • Better “Gjallarhorn” Doomsday Ability effects
  • Better visibility of the Minmatar XL Artillery projectile
  • Better visibility of all Smartbombs
  • Warp Disruption Bubbles have been calibrated to be more compatible with the newest “Remastered Graphics” on
  • Animation for Industrial Rorqual siege mode


  • New Skybox added “LoneTrek” replacing “Jove”



  • General GUI improvements
  • Revamped portraits & made customizable via link


  • Citadel textures overhauled



Minor Adjustments to Marauder Shield Boosters and Armour Repairers

  • The skills for the self repairing shield boosters and Armour repairer's' have been changed to suit the use for training for the Ancillary versions, and the normal ones, which were not actually in use in the mod at the moment, were removed from the skill.
    To make this make sense, Ancillary Shield Boosters and Ancillary Armour Repairers shall now receive a 5% bonus to the repair amount, and a 5% reduction in the capacitor drain during the use of the ability, both when in and out of Bastion Mode.

Assault Damage Control ability has been given to Zealot, Ishtar, Muninn, Cerberus (provides a short burst of extreme damage resistance when activated)

The Entosis Link has been revamped

  • The Entosis Link was previously functioning poorly, it has now been rewritten with a new effect, updated description and mechanics.
  • Must complete the full 5 minute cycle timer of the module without interruption or the vessel being killed.
  • Moving the ship or using any other ability will interrupt the cycle.
  • Can target any unowned and un allied structure.

Gameplay & Features

The mechanics of a number of Electronic Warfare modules have been fully rewritten

to fit these changes, a few ships have had their ability layouts adjusted to suit.. these are as follows.

  • The Arbitrator keeps its Tracking Disruptor, Updated to Tracking Disruptor I.
  • The Pilgrim has had its Small Neutralizer swapped for the updated Tracking Disruptor II.
  • The Blackbird keeps its Multispectral ECM which was updated to its T1 state.
  • The Falcon gets a newly updated Multispectral ECM II ability.
  • The Celestis gets a Sensor Dampener.
  • The Arazu gets an updated Sensor Dampener II.
  • The Bellicose gets a Target Painter.
  • The Rapier gets a Target Painter II.

Changed short-range ammo to long-range T2 ammo for T1 and Faction Dreads.

NEW Warp Drive mechanic

  • These new warp drives will warp the host ship if the ship attempts to move more than a distance of 150 km equivalent distance.

    Warp drives are affected by all forms of warp disruption and interdiction methods, which will prevent the drive from successfully engaging, but still cause the ship to consume its capacitor in its attempt to warp.

    Additionally, ships cannot warp if they are in any form of static deployed mode, such as siege, bastion, triage and the industrial core of the Rorqual, newly added. Titans are also unable to warp while their respective super weapon is in its recharge cycle.
    As a side note, the speed and acceleration of all ships, using the global gameplay modifier, have all now been reduced back to their original intended levels, now that they play a lot less of a problem for game play.
  • Grids have increased in size (relevant to the new Warp Drive ability)

NEW Titan mechanic

  • This new vessel is able to coordinate the fire of your fleet and your drones from a single platform, using the stats of the Monitor fleet Command Cruiser in EVE, and in Sins, serving as a target coordination vessel.

    It is produced by the newly added structures, Fleet Headquarters, which will appear on your home planets at the start of a game. These structures spawn the cruiser via a spawning ability much like various T2 and faction hulls are now.
    NOTE: if your HQ is destroyed, you will be unable to replace it, so ensure you protect it if it is important to your strategy.

    Fleet command cruisers will override the preferred targets of each ship within a fleet, so you can disable and enable the ability auto cast for it depending on which targets you wish to engage, and how you are diverting your fire.


  • NPC's have been completely revamped, which means you will fight actual NPC's from EVE's universe and not duplicate versions of the vessels you own.


  • Reduced cost and spawn times of the Venture, Hulk and Skiff.
  • Adjusted the exchange rates between ISK and the two Mineral types, effectively reducing the per-isk value. Extraction rates of rare and common metals extracted by Mining Barges have also been adjusted to better match those of the actual vessels. NOTE: Players will need to adjust their economic strategy to suit these adjustments, as they are fairly significant.
  • Reduced the Ability Generated Resource income of the Tatara Refinery Array from 3 to 1 per sec, and improved the function of its effect so that it displays correctly.


  • Avatar Judgement DD sound reverted to original with -10dB volume change
  • The distances and maxplaycounts of most sounds have been tweaked for a more consistent behaviour.
  • Added sounds for:
    • Cloak
    • Mindlink
    • Cyno
    • Energy Nosferatu
    • Remote Armor Repair
    • Energy Neutraliser
    • Remote Capacitor Transmitter
    • Armor Repairer
    • ECM
    • Stasis Webifier
    • Tracking Disruptor
    • Warp Disruptor and Scrambler


NEW Triglavian - Xordazh Deployment Site

  • The Triglavian content has received a boost, in the form of a new site that can be added to maps, the Triglavian Xordazh Deployment Site.
  • This site contains the Triglavian Battle Arena structure where players can use Entosis links in order to capture it after defeating the site.
  • After doing so, players will be able to produce their own World Arks for their own use.
  • The Arena Structure can also be destroyed if desired, with equivalent HP to a normal Keepstar Citadel structure.

NEW Territorial Claim Unit (TCU)

  • A structure resembling the Territorial Claim Unit from EVE which replaces the planet.
  • Has a large combat area

The above is optional content, which means they are yet to be present in any of the available maps, the freedom lays on the player of using them, by opening Galaxy Forge/GalaxyForge.exe and assigning it on one of the planets :P

Or creating a brand new map with them! Enjoy

Legal Disclaimer:

EVE Online © CCP Games. All EVE Online mods under Cyno Studios was created under CCP Games's “EVE Online Content Creation Terms of Use” using assets from EVE Online and EVE: Valkyrie. It is not endorsed by CCP Games and does not reflect the views or opinions of CCP Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing EVE Online. As such, it does not contribute to the official narrative of the fictional universe, if applicable.

This material is used with limited permission of CCP Games. No official affiliation or endorsement by CCP Games is stated or implied. Any and all material that may resemble content from the EVE Online IP is owned solely by CCP Games.

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