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Sonata's first public release (outside the FTL forums) will be the afternoon of Friday, 14DEC2012.

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Sonata's first public release (outside the FTL forums) will be the afternoon of Friday, 14DEC2012. Download links will be posted both here and on the FTL forums. Sonata 7 is a major release and weighs in at around 155mb; full changelog will be posted the day before release.

To get things started on the Sonata ModDB page, I've posted collages of the available player and enemy ships, as well as some of the custom weapons that will be available in Sonata 7. Here is the full changelog as it currently stands:


  • Added Sonata drones
  • Added EFP projectile
  • Added custom backgrounds
  • Added custom musics
  • Added new events
  • Finishing touches on UI
  • Sower/Sophon sprite recolor
  • Custom Human/Sophon/Sower crew weapons
  • Updated in-game and readme credits
  • Polished weapon/projectile placement
  • Added Sower Surveyor & pirate skin
  • Added Sower Builder & pirate skin
  • Added UE Gunship & pirate skin
  • Added Slugger 1/2/3/4 custom weapon image
  • Added Missile 1/2/3/4 custom projectiles
  • Customized "Last Stand"
  • Gibs for all added vessels
  • Custom boss vessel
  • Testing
  • Balancing pass


  • Fixed text encoding issues
  • Filled inner transparencies in /map button .pngs preventing them from showing up as black boxes
  • Converted /storeUI
  • Converted /upgradeUI
  • Fixed manning defect in UE Frigate engine room
  • Fixed size/locked tile in Sower medbay
  • Correct graphical glitch in UE Destroyer weapons room
  • Correct global weapon title positioning (planned)


  • UI overhaul:
  • - /combatUI
  • - /customizeUI
  • - /generalUI (exit button)
  • - /map (buttons, boxes, overlay, destination icons)
  • - /numbers
  • - /optionsUI
  • - /statusUI (buttons)
  • - /tutorial/button_continue
  • - /upgradeUI (buttons, half of the overlays, half of /equipment, all of /equipment/tabButtons)
  • - graphics in /img
  • Weapon balancing (Sower)
  • New weapon sounds (public domain/royalty free)
  • Converted "Scrap" to "Dust" as far as possible
  • Fixed rebel_long weapon mounts
  • Re-added Sower sector events (crash fixed)
  • Reshuffled sector mix


  • Re-added transparency to hangar graphic


  • Reworked ship interior room graphics
  • Reworked crew placement
  • Fixed nerfed medbay in UES Ranger


  • New hangar background
  • Reworked weapon prices and rarities
  • Removed vanilla weapons from random spawn
  • Added rebel_long sprite and pirate variant
  • Removed last of vanilla references to rebels/federation/rock/zoltan
  • Added new tooltips
  • Reworked weapon description box for readability
  • Several small tweaks and bug fixes


  • Added layout/floor for UE destroyer; fine tuned
  • Added image/layout/floor for Sower ship 1
  • Added hit animation for Sower Cannon 4 (from Obsidian Cruiser)
  • (Bug fixes)


  • Gave kestrel_2 kestrel_1's layout/floor
  • Altered kestrel 1/2 layout so that thrusters are no longer visible
  • Set new weapon images/projectiles to the closest vanilla equivalent
  • Tweaked a few weapon values
  • Fixed an error in the UE Driver animations


  • Updated Main Menu graphic
  • Created this document


  • Kestrel 1 finished
  • Kestrel 2 graphic
  • Changed Kestrel shield color
  • UE, Sower, Sophon weapon stats added
  • New weapons added to enemy ships based on race
  • New Main Menu BG courtesy of A9 (Jeremy)
  • Gauss 1 projectile created, added
  • UE Gause 1, Driver 1 graphics created, animations complete
  • Sower Cannon 1 graphics created, animations complete
  • ~75% of events files modified with altered text, new stories, lore, etc
  • All references changed Rocks->Sower, Zoltan->Sophon changed in context
  • Mod added to Git repo
  • All material from diversityMod removed
  • Mod released on FTL forum
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