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Have you ever seen what the programming department looks like? find out in this week's dev diary. Also a small snippet of new music and some art progress.

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Quite some work has been put on the programming department, creating tools and basically making the game functional. This week there's a new member we want to welcome.

  • Welcome Florentin to our team! yay!!
  • Julian and Tobi have been working really hard on our own original cutscene tool. The ones we tried out just didn't have what we needed so we built one from the ground up and it's A-MA-ZINGGG
  • It's always very cool to see things come to life. I don't mean like Frankenstein's monster, But more like watching a concept art become reality. This week we show some pictures from concept to model of the 4th playable character, AKA sarcastic girl, Tanath the Elder of The Edge and of the Sand Dragonling, which is the baby of the huge Sand Dragon.
  • Although we are still "putting meat on it" The Edge map looks less bare bones, some rocks have been added and the houses have been placed. It's already looking pretty promising.
  • Since we show the human town, I use this opportunity to show some NPCs that can talk. There will be quite some funny dialogues in game, we hope you will enjoy them.
  • Finally the second phase of the fire temple is almost finished, some effects and tweaking is missing. But still, we show you some images of it with some new background music fresh out of the oven done by Mike. Enjoy!
  • Don't forget to leave feedback by joining our forums!!

-Artanis- - - 114 comments

I know it´s alpha, but quick note, Lava does not move in waves the same way water do, rather you should add a boiling look to it, and make it dark along every surface it connects to, lava cools faster then you might think...

Like the look of the level so far, and the music is really atmosperic, good job.

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