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We implemented WIND MAGIC and have put our first spell to the test: Wind Push.

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New models, new effects and new magic this week.

  • We put the crystal holder into the "Mirror Room".
  • Our water code was optimized and we tested it in our playground map.
  • 90° death rotation jiggle dive
  • Sand devils
  • We implemented absorption of wind magic, now you can harvest powers from sand devils and the like.
  • We implemented the wind push spell again and polished the terraforming aspect of it as well as the effect.
  • As a special feature I put in Julian who explains how the terraforming algorithm works ;)


lol nice and funny

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very nice!

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Hehehe, love the sound FX. Great update. Keep them coming.

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Awesome stuff again. Now, I really want to see the water stuff done right. Did you guys play Hydrophobia by any chance? While it wasn't anything big and quite crappy performance wise, it was pretty cool as a game. Do a search on it if you don't know about it (or play it!). The whole game is based around the idea of manipulating water (in a pretty decent scale at that). What I'd like to see in your game is actual water and not a sheet of something jiggly. It should also look less like a jelly. Also, that boulder dropped into the water should have a bigger impact when it comes to the water that gets splashed into the air. It looks nice for the first presentation and I'm impressed just by the fact that you decided to do this. I just hope you'll turn it into actual water as I said earlier, like it is in Hydrophobia or From Dust (another game that has quite a lot of common with your game actually - do a search on it if you don't know about it).

Also, I'm sorry for these long posts, but I hope you appreciate the feedback. I wish I had more time for this. I keep thinking that I would do good after I'm done with school in concept art, texturing, modelling, that kind of stuff, but I keep seeing that I enjoy bringing the actual ideas for a game, which I have many of. I'd like to put my mark into this industry, so maybe this would be a better thing for my future, who knows really...

This is becoming way too long, hehe. So... cheers!

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ChrisPolus Author

Hey Drakenreiter

Thanks! We very much value your comments to be honest as you say what you think and also give constructive input. So this helps judging what people external to our team think about certain features as we sometimes of course lose sight. So thanks very much, it's really valuable! And we're listening!


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