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Well its been 5 months, but im finally deciding to officaily kill the mod... Nah im just messing with you but any way just to let you know ive been learning to model gonna start work on our Knife Model And Such Anyway we've decided to move to the Episode 2 Engine And on that note were still looking for Texture Artists Mappers And Prgramers. Awakening the Apocalypse is a work in progress zombie mod based around the Episode 2 engine, It will contain the cartoon looking shaders of Team Fortress.

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Pit Mode -
Pit mode will feature a team based point scoring system, when you kill an enemy the aim is to take the body back to your pit, the zombies will have a feeding pit where they can go down and eat the gibs of the human to regain health, where as the humans will have a decontamination pit, to incinerate the bodies.Extinction Mode -
Pretty simple, kill off the other team, there will of course be a shorter time limit in this game mode, but limited respawns.Hunt Mode -
The human team is placed into a large map without any ranged combat weapons, from there, what they do it up to them, do they barricade themselves in a small shack, do they hide out in the woods, or do they just stand and fight? this mode is more for the horror fans, in which the humans are actually being hunted by zombies, great mode for perception zombies to use their scent to smell out the humans.Slaughter Mode -
For all you deathmatch and free for all fans, place all the players into random parts of a map full of traps, spawn them with the biggest weapons that are available, set time limit with infinite respawns, player with the most points at the end of the round wins.

You aready know this id just like you guys to have a nice gander at it again keep a look out for my Knife model.

- DarkJak619


check out the shaders pack mod for tf2 more like far cry 2 s shader
and i you teach me how to do whatever you neeed done id be willing to help all ive got is free time

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