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Recently we have changed some things and we want to get you know what we did.

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Recently we have changed the name of the development team (from Peraltism to Golden Cat Studios). The member are still the same, we only changed the name and logo of the group.We will probably also change the name of the Mod, later I will try to pick 4 or 3 names and we will decide what name fits the best for the mod. 

Now this is the best part, the progress of the mod, first this is not dead, I'm only a bit busy with school and other things. Im not exactly sure but I think the mod is on 70% or 65% , I have to make some more maps, start making the new songs,animations, voice acting and it will be finished! Also I will update the Demo to a 3.0 Version.

That's all, I will try to post new content when I think its necessary!

Track our mod and share it to your friends! 

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