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Big reunion between the Dev itself and the watchers, like if... I'm going to speech in some anime or geeky convension

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Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to this article of the "Something Big" topic for this christmas.

Everybody know what's going on in this world already, the covid19 (CovShit19 to me or Corona-Chan for coomers) and this world going chaotic.

My goal for reunate you all since you watched me since the old doom community such as Skulltag, zdoom and Zandronum, and now in moddb, youtube and probably deviantart, I'm glad to announce you all that Hotline U.A.C and the offcial campaign called Number of the Beast will be in EARLY ACCESS this christmas, you people have awaited for this mod since 2016 and I do understand the hype from you folks, with the progress little to little since Youtube.

This is what you will exept in this early access :

-No storymode (yet), you will play it like it's an arcade game, no cutscenes. For modders, it's okay if you look inside for maps about cutscenes.

-Monthly updates of the core and also the main campaign for graphics and maps

-Voxels, for people who doesn't know what is it, it's pixel art but in 3D like for the old Boomer FPS such as Shadow Warrior, Blood and Ion Mai- huh Fury!

I made you awaiting for the final version of Hotline U.A.C and this time, I've took the decision to not make you patient anymore for this christmas, my goal is give you joy or not, it's okay if you don't like it but I'll wait for feedback from you folks. Hotline U.A.C is the most ambitious mod that I had in my modding course and I'm sure that one day, I'll use all I've learned with the GZDOOM engine and my video game school for make a commercial game.

Making Hotline Miami themed for DOOM has been a big challenge for me, and since I've got good and bad feedback gave me more experiences for improve next time or update it.

I'll be ready to listen to you, I'll do promises if some feedback can be taken or not due of some engine issues (such as limitations).

That's all for my biggest speech, now while I'm working on the official campaign for release the early access, stay cool, stay safe, keep buying food for keep you alive and medecine. And avoid cost by cost some people who got infected by the Covid19 or then, you'll get 6 black guys in a suit dancing under your coffin! *mic dropping*

See you next time ladies and gentlemen!

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