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Our next game, Somerholm, is out now on Steam and Itch with the 1.0.0 update!

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This is update 1.0.0 and we have added quite a few things since the last update.

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Added The Story In Full

With the past few updates we have been adding support for the story content and with this update all of it is finally implemented. The story is not necessary to go through by any means but can be found along-side randomly exploring islands. In addition to the notes that can be found, there is an additional post-story unlock for completing everything.

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Added Oddities

To expand on the hand-made content a bit in this randomly generated game, we have added new Points Of Interest that are unmarked on the map and much more rare than standard points. There are only a few different types of these for the time being, but they should provide a bit of variety while exploring and taking photos.

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Added New Points Of Interest

In addition to adding oddities, we have also expanded on the amount of marked Points Of Interest. There are 6 new POI to find, making for a total of 16, with most of them having some level of variation.

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Added A Camera Borders Option

We have also added a new camera option with camera borders. This new option adds various UI elements while taking a photo to better frame them.

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Expanded On Teo's AI

This update also expands upon Teo as a companion while traveling island to island. The dog can now react to photos taken of him, the petting mechanic has been changed a bit, he can now randomly pee, and can randomly bark.

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Updates Recap

We also wanted to go back through a few of our last updates leading to release and highlight some of the previous larger changes since the last public release. Previously visited islands are now tracked, there is a new seasons system that changes the appearance of islands, added a simple fishing mini-game, replaced old vegetation and expanded on it, added a shop system, added more overall camera options, added more animal types to discover.

We would like to thank everyone for following us and we hope you enjoy our game!

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