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Here are some updates from xonone. KW challange map pack and more! OH NOES!!

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Sup guys, x here. Its been awhile since I been on. I have been very busy with school (English / JROTC) and all but I am somewhat back at work. I have been worry about my computer overheating so I havent been working as much but I think I got things under control (If not I can get a better one equal or less than the cost of this one.) So far I got 2 maps done with 1 about to be done. I should have some screenshots soon. I also been working on concepts of the maps and I think you guys may like them. Some of the maps may looks familiar while others are way different.

Anyways I am planning on making a demo with 4 maps but two of the maps will have like 6 different verisons so you will really get like 14 maps. Here are the maps:

Arcadia City - The Last Stand (TCN vs Nod)
The Brotherhood's Revenge with all 6 verisons
The Zone Command with all 6 verisons
and a secret map... you wouldnt believe what it is based off of.

Anyways, the demo will be release very soon but not soon enough.

Well, I gotta get back to doing homework aka concepts of the maps.


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