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By Alliens! Jokes asside, lately i been playing to much starcraft and the Mothership there is very awesome, also would lie if i say, independence day is not one of my favorite movies along side with District 9 with similiar concept on allien vessels. The following monstrosity is still work in progress, but people with good eyes can figure out a few things.

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As you can see in the video, there are these fling drone like cannons, those will be the deffence weaponry of the mothership, and they be scaled down latter on and be more of it with less potent weapons, tough theres a few coding parts i need to play around with.

Also note that the massive shell is infact an upgrade for the mothership, what you can see inside, is the ship you start with. The way I intend to make this faction, is that there mothership is the base, with its awesomenes, and of course weakness as well. You will need massive focus fire power to take down a fully upgraded MS ( about 3 direct Megaton nuke), but if that goes down, then the player is killed, as there will be no base building like you have for the other Human faction, there be ground deployable building 1-2 but wont count, if the mothership goes down then it's over, also you cant buy another mothership, being to greedy and reckless at the begining may cause your death as only latter stages get awalable to repair your mothership.

True Mobile base:

  • Special 4 tab menu system ( already implemented ) with total 44 slots ( minus the toggle buttons )
  • Command center with special abilities
  • Supply center, all resource collector returns to the MS
  • Capability to build ground structures
  • Factory / Barracks / Helipad, you can construct and heal your units
  • Deffense Swarm as "base deffence" ( already in the video )
  • Super Weapon, once get the proper upgrade you really play independence day with it

As for other units, the alliens will be focuse on airforce heavily, there be ground forces too, advanced but made as they be hammered by tanks ( good agents infantries and buildings, but they dont fair well tank shells and missiles, tough laugh at bullets ) these however still on the "drawing board" in my head. Heres how the menu system works for the MS:

Aside from the alliens the other factions getting implemented too, you already know of the US Areal dreadnought, china will get the mobile base too, but currently thinking to keep it ground based ( terran following is a lil buggy ) or just swap it to an airborn designe or a very powerfull deffence structure. will see.

And yes before i forget, anyone who interested and know how to make textures, and skinning decently, please write to my gmail. I'm quite sure, these "super units" be a chalange compared to the low poli models to texture.

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