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I fixed up some problems with the mod a while ago, but I never got around to posting the news, mainly because I didn't have time to create a screenshot before I forgot about it. Here I go.

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A few flaws have been fixed with the mod. I no longer have the ugly wooden planks "supporting" the level. The giant fizzler in level 2 is now correctly scaled. The portalgun appears correctly in the fourth level.

The problem with the 3rd level being awful is going to be fixed.
Anyway, I have a problem with the title screen for my mod. I have a New Game button, with a Continue button underneath it. The New Game button works as expected, but the Continue button doesn't do anything. Its command is set to "load autosave" and I have created and passed through an autosave trigger. When I type "load autosave" in the console, it loads the autosave, as expected. Does anyone know where I'm going wrong?

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