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I've just uploaded some short, random teaser footage for fun! Also, what is currently happening with development...

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Hello all! I was bored tonight, and having some trouble with my school work, so I decided to create a short video of some in-game areas within UE4. It's nothing SUPER spectacular, but probably a little more interesting than just screenshots, eh? Check it out here:

As far as development goes, currently I am in the process of finishing up some final details on one of the more major areas in the game's dungeon. I plan on having this finished by the end of February so I can move on to other areas and puzzles and start to get things fitting together nicely.

There's a certain appeal to these dungeon-crawler style horror games, and now that I'm developing one, I've found that if you just give it some thought you can make it really interesting. Most of these types of horror games are very linear and don't always seem to flow very well. By just opening the dungeon up so that the player is free to explore, it suddenly feels like this expansive world!

Just rambling though, I do that a lot when typing (and apparently when holding "conversations" as well :P). In other news, I'm also hankering for some talented voice actors asap. I'll post an update on that when I have something to report, but the sooner the better so I can post some proper segments of game play footage! This will hopefully be happening by late March or early April.

Thanks everyone for checking out the game, hope you're all having yourselves a wonderful night (or morning, depending on where you are)! :]


Funny, just the other day I was wondering what it would be like to have a game where you can do everything in whatever order you want, just some things would have to wait until you got something else. So far the only games I've heard of that do this is are the original Zelda game and Metroid Prime, to some extent.

I doubt that's what you're doing here, but the point is, I agree with you that a lot of horror games out there just don't give you the freedom to explore.

Also, I have a question. Will this game have more than one way to get you to where you want to go? Like you can take one route and find one puzzle, or take another and find a different one? It's a little hard to explain what I'm thinking of, sorry.

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