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Hello Everyone! A week or so passed from my new news announcement, So it was time for a new one.

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Hello Everyone! A week or so passed from my new news announcement, So it was time for a new one.
Greven and I are still working very hard on the custom story, bringing new stuff almost every day!
Like the house is finished (Still looking it over to add more details) And the Outdoor Place is aswell, Almost finished. Lets have a Small Q&A Now.

Q: "Yay, release it now then plz?"
A: No. At the moment all we have ready is a story on a .txt, and the maps. There is nothing scripted or done yet.

Q: What does this mean?
A: This means that we ARE working on a 3rd map, and possibly a 4th if possible. We still have a LOT of work to do at the moment. But we are doing the best we can. (As the Temperature here is 36 degrees, I am not planning on doing anything but chilling)

Q: Ehrrm.. What was the revealing stuff?
A: First of, We will probably make parts of the Custom story. So this would be part one, Then comes part 2, and then Maybe even a part 3? We wont even tell you! Hehe.

Q: What do you think, Is the most important thing in a Map?
The Daily Life. In most of the custom stories, you have someone owning a big house. Or giving you a big name. It is just not unique, In Lost Memories. We have threw those options away. And came up with something "Unique". We have decided to have a simple man, living a simple life. With nothing stange.

I think, That realism. And the story are the two brothers, Forming one strong alliance for the perfect custom story. Realism makes everything look interesting and interactive, But it also makes everything look nicer. And the Story, Is the beginning, and the end of a story. There is simply NO way, to have a good custom story without a story in it. And a Story is not only about monsters, or notes. It's what gives the whole place an nice place.

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