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The 2nd area is almost done with new enemies, hazards, mechanics and boss.

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Hello!So I've been working quite a lot on the 2nd area of the game, and it's going good! Soon I'll have all the enemies, hazards and mechanics for the 2nd level done. Also the boss fight is going quite nicely. Basically only thing left is some refining and level design. :)

Some of the new enemies include pterodactyls and dirt worms. :) This will also be the first level to feature water. Im thinking that after this level will come an actual underwater level. Those have always been very fun to play, atleast for me. And it's nice to have something different in the game once in a while, different movement mechanics etc. :)

Also, if you like the game, I'd be very grateful if you voted for it on the top 100. :)
And another quite major thing is that Im planning to launch an Indiegogo campaign very soon(like soon soon). Parallel to the indiegogo campaign I'll also add the game on Steam Greenlight. So stay tuned! :)
Here's a .gif showing a little something from 2nd area. :)

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