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No, we're not dead and haven't been. We've just been slowed.

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Hey guys ! After what may have been a long and painful time for you all, I've came to spread some news on what has been happening while we were 'gone'.

So, what has been happening ?

A few weeks back most of the team was busy doing other things related to real life events. The team was pretty much silent. During that time, we lost a few members of the team like CrazyMax, Teh Snake, Sn1pe and Creator due to events that had popped up elsewhere. Although it is unknown whether these members will ever be able to return to the team, it isn't all bad news !

During that period, we also gained some members ! We gained a new programmer called Pretador, a texture artist called Blur and an animator called Slayer. We hope to show you some of their work soon.

At this point, the news may seem fairly negative. You're wrong ! Brainbread : Source is actually going as fast as it ever has been and I am happy to confirm some more details for both the beta and the final game.

The Beta

We are planning on having an open beta However, we're not able to agree on a launch time just yet as the team is currently busy working on it's content. We do not want to agree on a launch date and then delay it for a while as it isn't finished in time. Let's face it, everybody hates delays ! The thing is, we're lacking content for the beta therefore don't want to release it as soon as we hope to, so the faster we get the content, the faster we can release the beta !

Once the beta is uploaded and ready for download, you will be able to get your hands on the installer or the files to manually install by just placing the mod in your "Sourcemods" folder.
We plan to have both 'Classic Mode' and 'Survival Mode' in the beta, however, the survival gamemode may not make an appearance until an update. You can find more information about these gamemodes further down this post.

Each gamemode has it's own compatible maps. This means if you were to click on 'Classic', all of the maps that work with the classic gamemode will show. We plan to give atleast 2 maps for each Classic and Survival in the first beta.


After our conversion to the 2013 engine, it didn't take us long to discover that the SDK was indeed very broken. As a result of this, we modified the SDK and shipped in our own features aswell as fixes. No more fuss of setting up paths in Hammer Editor so that you can make maps for Brainbread : Source ; this SDK is made specifically for it ! We hope to release the SDK along with the beta so that you guys can extend that list of maps which are available in the beta and make your own maps to play around in. We look forward to seeing what you guys can create !

What now ?

As said before, Brainbread : Source is traveling at an extremely fast pace after such a quiet period. The game itself is actually playable, but gamemodes need to be finalized and some more features need to be added before it actually becomes public. We've also had some secret tests with a small amount of members from the public to check for glitches and give us suggestions on how the mod should work and play and ofcourse how it feels so far.

We've been focusing on objectives and some neat features that are going to be added into the game. The most recent being the 'ring' system like seen in the Left 4 Dead series. It comes to use in Brainbread by highlighting enemies through walls within a set range when a zombie and highlighting objectives within a set range when you're human.

Ontop of that, we've been working on a new menu design, it's a work in progress but hopefully you guys will like it ! We've rearranged the entire menu and are currently redesigning all panels that open up once a button is pressed, for example, the options menu is a panel.

What next ?

In the full game we aim to have a singleplayer mode aswell as multiplayer, there will be more information on singleplayer later in development. Our main focus at the moment is multiplayer.

We have made plans for many different gamemodes in multiplayer, they are listed below :

Classic : This gamemode aims to bring back memories of the half-life 1 mod Brainbread. The
aim of the game is varied and can be set by the mapper. It could include collecting a
briefcase, killing a set amount of zombies aswell as many other possiibilities.

Survival : This gamemode spawns players in an area in which zombies will come from all directions in
waves. Waves will progress and get harder, the players must stand for as long as possible.

Coop : This gamemode will be released when the single-player gamemode is released. It will allow
multiple players to play the single-player levels.

Objective : This gamemode has a similar take on classic, however, it brings several zombie types into

We're Recruiting ! And we need them !

As always, thankyou for reading up on this news-post and we hope to share some more in the near future. Remember, we're always looking for talented members to join our crew.The faster we can get our content, the faster the beta can arrive. At the moment we're desperately needing:

- A Modeller ( Prop or Organic Modeller )
- An Animator
- A Texture artist ( Organic )

dracul841 - - 428 comments

Good luck guys with finishing mod :D,I cant wait for beta.

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.#BlackouT - - 215 comments

hope they will get it to beta need a good zombie game and this one is a good one so bring it on :)

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