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New skins and units coming out ! The B.S.A.A will be here to help you against the wave of zombies contaminated by the Virus-T !

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I'have finished the skins and the breed for the S.E.A.T and the Ex-umbrella soldiers, and i'm going to include the B.S.A.A, Chris Redfield and Barry Burton ...
I'have done just one map for the moment, wich is one of the last Manor House of Umbrella, but other map are coming, there will be a new Campaign ...
I'll inform you about other new stuff that is coming. :)

The Story :

It takes place after the end of Resident Evil 5; Albert Wesker's death and fall of Umbrella had almost totally annihilated biological weapons on our world. However, United States of America had found in these weapons a new way of defending different countries.

Indeed " Used in a more sensible way, a biological weapon can show itself indispensable with the aim of the evolution of the armament, and constitute an asset of size" Said Prime Minister during an interview in June, 2010.

It's to this purpose that an experimental unit of the government was sent in a mission classified "top secret".
This unit is called The S.E.A.T : Special Encounter Assault Team. They are sent in one of the
last premises of the ex-Umbrella to find samples of Virus-T, at first.

The story begins during the arrival of the "Alpha Team" in the entry
of the Manor house, where the research center is supposed to be .

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