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i played many great bf1942 mod here, and inspired to make one myself, no new stuff(i think), though some were inspired from various mod--general use stuff..

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This is a test post, im new in posting here and planning to put my mod here.. finished but no upload date yet

so what's the stuff..

--some AI behavior changes(some Japanese and Russian charges toward the enemy.. and will fight in close quarters, i cant make them to bayonet charge )

--changes in some kits(like, AT KIT, Medic/Officer Kit, gear and stuff)

--Tanks and Vehicle health and stuff( i wish i know how to change the MatId of T34, M10 and Tiger)

--Tanks(and vehicles) won't just disappear when they're destroyed, they explode and turned to scrap, you know BF2 style..

--planes also has some changes too..

--maybe some Naval warfare

--some maps has some changes too..

--some other minor changes

-too bad i dont have my own new maps, though(coz I don't know how)

Tell me what you think/opinion?

sorry for the grammar

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