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I be reworking the game play for a while. There were some changes as well. As well in research for server builds.

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Sorry about that there were no post or progress in what I was doing lately. I been watching some anime shows. (non-stop >.<)

Well Back to work on get some game builds. I be rewriting and reworking the code and the models. As well in game play.

It was quite hard to do things alone, working hard getting thing done one at the time. Just need more thinking and way it setup. Since the unity3d format was different and had to find best way to manage the information. Dealing with prefabs, objects, and script language management. That I been just be coding non stop on the javascript since it was easy for me to access data easy. Since the C# is kind of strict on the class variable and other things. Later I have to recode in C# later to deal with online game play with co-op type builds. Just I am trying to work on the stand alone version until it is stable to work with.

I was doing some research on the server builds. The were few dead ends. Where I was so noob in software that I had hard time look for the right code to make things work. But learning is fun some time. To learn how some part of the code works.

Here some of the example:

Currently working the farming game type. Where player are able to make a home. To able to visit a town that is not yet decide. There are many other thing beside farming that is under design phase. I haven't work on the weapon system that deal with the damage. That part need to be finish. There are few pictures.

The art work that I haven't work on. It all in my mind some part is not yet made up yet. A lot of thinking.

Lasted part. I was reworking the name that felt little odd name it. So I change it differently. I hope you guys don't mind. I am thinking of release some of my project files although it quite a mess. A lot of testing. Went into different areas. What you guys think?

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