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I just want to talk about some new features and things what will be waiting for you in Security Stories ;)

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*A few days ago i completed to make the SS's plot.

It turned out to be a little complicated and interesting at the same time.I was inspired by Half-Life and Portal when i mading it, this plot is different of cource but some things like "long story" have the right to be in mod.

*So what about plot?

Tbh i cant tell you it, but i can say what mod will have multiple locations and challenges like: "Find a key, open this door, toggle on the light system and such" (Not so boring like i just said). I would like to make a game like Half-Life but using SCP-Cb's engine, with a story of a young guard Ryan Mitchell, who only want to stay alive and go away from the facility.

You also can find rare weapons in some rooms, what will be in multiple locations through all map.

*I hope what i will end the Alpha developing soon to release the first file here on the Moddb

If someone have interested, you can join our Discord server to ask me for some questions.

Have a nice day everyone

- Chumnaya Karkusa(Leader of Phantomic Games Studios)

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