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updates from last week 8) -rain now can distinguish fire -complete new vehicle soundsystem with damper sounds, no fuel soundset, empty engine sounds and so on. -2 random vehicle repaisanimations if you hit damaged vehicle with wrench -vehicle can be refuelled with jerrycan -jerrycan can be throwen away and be shooted, they explode and generates fire 8) ...please read more ...

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complete new soundsystem of chainsaw,
-idle sound
-windup sound
-windup sound fadet out to winddown sound if Fuel is empty during windup / starting
(both are not supported by the engine, etreme hardcore recoding i can tell you ^^)

-jerrycan, vehicles and chainsaw are using now the same "ammo" called "fuel"
-vehicles makes splashsound by entering & leaving water
-vehicles makes waterripples in water
-vehicles show here names
-new vehicle camerasystem (still in developement)
-vehicle backlight flickering are still not soluted :( (thats why only one is present)
-vehicles have real frontlights (automaticly switched on / off matching daytime
-player have real flashlight (sorry for ugly battery texture, its currently zoomed for debugging)
-flashlight need batteries 8)
-shocker is non deadly
-shocked mercs are sleeping (check this, its very funny :) ) (sleeping mercs cannot be killed, its on my to do list)
--debugged chainsaw sound and behavior of winddownsounds
--vehicle can be repaired with wrench
--experimental vehicle suspension soundroutine
--vehicle ground sound routine
--new brakesounds
--new particle for vehice tires and for damaged vehicles a nice new fire 8)
--chainsaw hud icon
--chainsaw now does correct damage decals
--jerrycan no longer do damage decals during refuelling
--all pickups now are recognized and show the correct name
-clearing fire creates big black burn decals on ground
-clearing fire depends on amount(!) of rain
-clearing fire: during heavy rain also light flickering will be removed
-clearing fire spawn random fires (size and particle)
-vehicle player leave vehicle sound
-vehicle: full new soundset for engine fuel empty behaviour during driving /rolling (for better acoustic feedback)
-all player / AI now makes nice step particle waves if they walk through water
-random choosed particle for steps in water
-new transparent radar --can be later switched to old style in options
-radar is lowered in size --can be later switched to old style in options
-vehicle repair phsysic bug avoided by switching off physics during repairing
-shells now bigger and stay for a long time (200 seconds) on ground
-third person mode ingame have now playable values

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