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Even though time has not been enough to make any major modding, some smaller tests and concepts development has been happening. From time to time i get some inspired ideas (or not) and some of them have resulted in some interesting models, abilities... Check the full news for more details.

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Some concepts are related to expanding the available customizable items in a unit like in the case of the improved bad dok concept for orks with the model being converted into something that has better armour, jump capabilities or other interesting wargear (weapons were not cooperative though thus the bad dok will have the same weapons available).

More tests with the bad dok

More tests with the bad dok

More tests with the bad dok

Have you ever felt that the scout snipers are just not veteran enough to do the job well?
That should not be the case with this concept of a Space Marine sniper/recon unit.

Space marine variant with shotgun, sniper rifle...

Space marine variant with shotgun, sniper rifle...

On the abilities side i've coded a new ability for orks which is still in testing phase and needs icons, description, tuning... The concept has proven to be working but there wasn't the time to finish it up for now.

Nobs and other big orks executing the smaller orks was represented in Dawn of War usually in cutscenes but during a battle a nob simply had no definitive way to get rid of a very stupid or coward boy. Now with this concept of execution applied to orks they should be much more imposing. Nobs execute boyz and greater orks execute Nobs...

As always stay tunned for updates and leave any suggestions or feedback below.


Oh I love the work here! Very nice job Greenscorpion, very nice.

Suggestion, have the Warboss shoot the boy via his special attack. Plus I think killing a Nob is not a good idea.

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GreenScorpion Author

Yeah the motion the warboss used was just for my tests cause i hadn't found the right one which i have found now.
About killing the Nob, the execute ability is always about cost and reward and so bigger costs will mean bigger rewards since the warboss ability is different, the death of a singel nob may be used for something far greater like driving an huge group of slugas into a temporary but unstopable (by the enemy) killing frenzy.
Still my setting for the ability is versatile and instead of an instant death it may be just used to hurt the nob or the boy to show the way to the rest of the mob. I haven't decided yet but the concept is interesting enough to test further.

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