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we know you are impatient to see some gameplay of AstroMonkey Hitball Arena, so here it is!

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hello, we are still increasing our game, but here I can show you some gameplay and HUD that we are still improving.

Well, I gonna explain some of the features that AstroMonkey has.

The main core of game is throw all the balls in your side to opponent's side, pretty simple right?
In the center we have 3 power ups, when the ball pass throw the purple one is Double Speed, the yellow one is Fire Ball (it's explode when reach the end) the green one is Atomic Bomb, it's the most complicated to understand in a single look, but I will explain it, when the ball pass throw this power up, the power up go one square up, when it reaches the end of arena it will explode the entire area.

We have the time to over the round too, in this occasion the timer is absurdity longer, because we are testing the gameplay XD

Our HUD isn't yet the final one, but it's pretty close, the balls with color in your side represent how many you have throwed.

What do you think about our game?

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