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Here are some updates and somethings to clear stuff up for you.

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Here are some updates and somethings to clear stuff up for you.

First thing: The models.
As you might have noticed, our second modeler *SGU*TheDestiny has posted several models in the picture section. Some of you are saying he stole them from other games/mods. I can tell you that that's NOT true. He makes his own models from sketchup, he doesn't extract them from other games. So please stop posting such comments.

Second thing: Some updates.
The reason why there haven't been any weekly updates the last two weeks is because I've already told you anything we have so far. And land is also being delayed to future versions. First versions will be space only, land will be added later. Then we will add GC and in the final version will be the campaign.

Third thing: Recruitment.
We urgently need a rigger, without a rigger this whole thing can't be done :(. If you want to join the team please send me a pm or e-mail (

I hope this is the information you were hoping for. And please stop saying we are illigial because *SGU*TheDestiny makes his own models. If that's illigial, why aren't for example Eve at war or Sci-fi at war illigial? They're also having ships from other games/series/movies in their mods and they also made them themselves.


mapayne - - 621 comments

megavin. You have to understand that if any suspicion is ever cast then questions are always raised.

As for rigging. Have you considered trying to learn to do it yourself?? Trust me when I say it really isn't difficult. If all your after is basic hardpoint structure trees in the models then you should have zero difficulty in doing this.

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megavin123 Author
megavin123 - - 1,024 comments

Alright, but I can't find a thing about rigging. Do you know where I can find a program to rig and a tutorial?

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-IllusiveMan- - - 1,029 comments

here is some page, maybe it helps

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mapayne - - 621 comments

Well the way I started was to open a model using the model viewer made by and then look at the hardpoint hierarchy. I copied down the primary hardpoints and made a simple "tree" in 3dmax 6. It helps to see how things were done in the stock models but I would suggest leaving of such things as "break off" sections until you get the hang of things.

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