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Hey Folks! Look what happened in the last weeks in the world of Buntoki!

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Hello Friends!

It was quite for a while, but Buntoki is still alive and csg and I are still motivated to work on this thing. There are quite a few new things to tell you, even if there is not much to show directly.

  • First of all, the population of Dinkeltown is growing rapidly! 21 Characters are impemented right now and there are more to come!
  • The Buyingsystem gets restructured. The focus right now is a system, which character likes what, and how does that affect the relationship to the player and their buying behavior.
  • It's time for worldbuilding! How does the world of Buntoki looks like? Which creatures live there, beside humans? Have a qick picture of what you could expect:
  • Last but not least, me and myself works on some bigger thing in terms of Buntoki, not really for the game itself, but in terms of marketing:

Sup, that was it for today. Stay tuned and good night!Sabaku from Umaiki Games

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