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Hey everyone, it's time to talk about No Guts, No Glory! again.

I know, I know... MAP11 is a buggy mess and somewhat unplayable, confusing and whatever. It was a rushed release, I really wanted to publish this ASAP and I didn't notice that the map has a lot of buggy features. What can I say? I've got too excited that I was finally done with the map so much that I've immediately pushed it out without proper playtesting.

MAP11 aside, here's some news for the WAD: I've started progress on the 12th map, which is going to possibly be the final map that I'll create for this WAD. I don't think I'll continue development on No Guts, No Glory! (or maybe develop anything for Doom at all) after its 12th map because I've got my hands on more serious mapping - like Quake and Half-Life. Maybe I will in the distant future... But sadly, it's unlikely.

The UAC levels have also received an upgrade now. I've "borrowed" some Half-Life textures and used them in the UAC levels, now the maps are much more immersive and convenient. I've been looking forward to replace the ugly STAR textures with something more fitting - and Half-Life had what I was looking for. Not to mention that I've finally gathered a bunch of fence textures, so now I don't have to clip some Doom textures through the floor in order to gain a fence-like object.

Some of the UAC levels now feature vents you can crawl into. They usually connect rooms, but they can also hide some valuable things like healthpacks, ammo and guns that were used by the marines who thought hiding in vents was a good idea. Keep an eye out for them.

I've also started progress on making Deathmatch support for NGNG. So far, I've finished (and balanced out) DM support for maps MAP01, MAP02, MAP03 and MAP04. I've tested the DM support on these maps with Zandronum bots and with my brother, but I'm not convinced that it's all sorted out just yet.

Soon I'll start uploading walkthroughs of this WAD on YouTube. They will feature map secrets and, obviously, how to get to the exit. So far, I've made a walkthrough of MAP01 and MAP02:

That's all I have to say.

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