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COLOSSUS ESCAPE development goes on with boss fights, some new special moves and maybe some changes on the gfx. In the meantime we had our first interview - it's nice to see that people enjoy what we are making and it's really a shot of enthusiasm.

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We had our first interview, that's cool:
some interesting things ;)

...but what about the development state?
Currently we are on the first boss fight - it was completed but we were not happy with it -, some fix (this never ends, dammit!) and on making some special moves better.

On the GFX side we are thinking of changing a bit the backgrounds. We really like how the game looks like BUT we also think that more contrast would be better and the atmosphere could be much more epic.
Here a screenshot from the unity project:

That's all for now, until next time have a great (dev) time. ^_^

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