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I'm working on level 1, at the Hospital, with better features.

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Some of the new features:

  • Player will be able to open/close doors (I think I won't make animations for furniture items, just doors... If I animate every door in the game I think the final result will have bad performance, since there are lots of doors).
  • Day mode: you will be able to "sleep" and wake up during the day (note that the main events appear only at night).
  • You will drop blood when you get hit (and more blood if you are dying).

Planned features (I don't know yet if the next alpha will have these, or if they will come later):

  • Removed nude woman (that boobs are good but are not ok for many YouTubers).
  • Some doors will open only if you have the key.
  • All the papers will appear in random locations (each time you start the game).
  • More enemies in certain circumstances.
  • You'll be able to get some medicine (some of them will cure and restore your health; others will produce hallucinations, and others will kill you).

I want to put in this game some dialogues with NPCs, but this is a hard thing to do, so it will be added later. Once you reach the final room at the morgue, before entering level 2, you will have to come back and save all the people that you want. Some of them are good, some are bad. Good people will give things to you (battery, flashlight, health items). Bad people will try to kill you.

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