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Lost Chapter is a race that focuses more on infantry than in vehicles but they still use slightly different versions of some of the older vehicles on the Space Marines arsenal. Although similar in terms of organization, the Lost Chapter gameplay style differs alot from the original Space Marines and will diverge even more upon completion. Stay tunned for updates!

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I have been doing some work on the Lost Chapter race lately and started to add some new units. Although simillar in organization to Space Marines, the Lost Chapter relies more on infantry and its warriors prefer to fight in close range or in melee with their enemies. So even though they have some vehicles, the elite units i have in the race so far are mostly infantry units not vehicles (a land raider for example would be pretty wrong in this race while they make sense in Space Marines). Considering this i added Assault Troops (still lack a better name for now but they are simillar to Assault Marines but melee only, no ranged weapons for these guys), the Tech Lord (a Techmarine commander like unit that i am considering making the primary commander for the race), the Chaplain with assault capabilities (they are different from other chapters but Lost Chapter are still faithful to some of their roots) and a vehicle, named it Vindicator so far and it is a stealthed artillery unit using FoK Vindicator model, it has a good range but against anti-vehicle units doesn't last long after spotted (if you don't thrust me check the video).

The Lost Chapter Vindicator is a stealth artillery vehicle with a big range but is pretty weak against anti-vehicle units when spotted like in the video so make sure to keep it away from the front line. The Lost Chapter Chaplain is a powerful commander unit available to this race and will have several abilities when complety integrated in the mod. Both of the new units are work in progress but are playable.

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