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More information on the mod and some more information on the background game.

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Millennia ago, an empire that reigned over much of the galaxy suddenly and inexplicably collapsed. Theories abound as to the reason for its demise, but none is supported by evidence. When this ancient civilization died, the history of its ascendance, achievements, and ultimate downfall died with it. However, what we can glean from miscellaneous sources some two hundred years after the catastrophe indicates that entire solar systems became wastelands. Billions died, their stories never to be told. Those remaining reverted to barbarism, and the empire's monuments and less tangible triumphs were left to rot.

In a far corner of the galaxy, in the Aldus system, two races survived on two separate planets, quietly
orbiting their common sun. Both peoples were quite certain that they were unique and alone – adrift, with no history to call their own. Yet there is a common bond: the Aldar.

Satellite images of the Aldus system and the planets Malus and Alyssia.

Who are the Aldar?

Of the numerous gods in the cosmic pantheon, only the Aldar have so powerfully affected the fate of life in the galaxy. Their story is told in their own words, comprising the first 300 books of the Torumin, a collection of 4,000 books written by these divine beings as a specific (if often paradoxical) set of directions for the races that they themselves begat. Their story is complex and often contradictory; nevertheless, it is possible to glean a summary of their birth, ascendancy, and ultimate demise. The final books of the Torumin are believed to have been written some 2,500 years prior to the current situation between the Malus and the Alyssians.

This it the aldar history the race i will be starting with ^^

The Malus
The Malus are a product of the harsh environment of their home planet. Scarce water, extremely high temperatures, and a volatile climate have combined to create a stout and rigidly disciplined culture based on strength and triumph over adversity. Even under the fickle Clan system, order was strictly maintained.

Under the rule of the theocratic Night Sky regime, the Malus have come to see their place as the
rightful inheritors of the cosmos. Each Malus citizen has been re-defined as a warrior. The Code
of the Warrior includes a lust for glory in battle that is tempered by a sense of sacrifice and
fierce loyalty to one's leaders.

The Alyssians
Independence, self-sufficiency, fatalism: these are the characteristics honored by the Alyssians,
though for the last several hundred years they have sacrificed much of their individualism for the
greater cause of societal harmony. The Alyssians are democratic and egalitarian. However, in this
new age of scientific progress, those who excel in the military sciences are esteemed above all.

Since the destruction of their manned mission to Malus, the Alyssians have committed vast planetary
resources to their great crusade against the culturally primitive and violent Malus. The Alyssian
soldier is a supremely competent professional. Benefiting from intense training and esprit de corps,
the Alyssian officer is a scholar of warfare. His only weakness is perhaps a lack of familiarity with
the shock of combat. This is the first time that the Alyssians have fought an unknown enemy, an enemy that is clearly militaristic and accustomed to conflict.

These are the other two I will add later.


  • Aldar ships
  • Aldar starbase
  • a couple of their structures
  • ship names

To do

  • Research tree
  • Textures
  • Icons
  • Finish structures
  • Voices

I will be redoing most of the ships as my modeling skills have gotten better and with the new update i might have to change some things so im just going to wait any new ships screenies will be in xsi not in the game.


Well written and throughly captivating great work.

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Dante551 Author

thank you sir

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Dante551 Author

although it isnt mine its the decription from the guide book ^^

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