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Here are going are going to give some hint about some features that are probably going to be added in pre alpha v2.0 we can't guarantee that all the features will be added in v2.0 but they are going to be implemented in final version, hopefully. Thanks!

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We have been mute here for a while, but we are here. First of all, we are thrilled by the amount of love, excitement and support we have got for the game even in the pre alpha stage. Thank you all very much for supporting us, we badly need your support, we can't go a long way without your support.

Now some real news, we have successfully run our game on android devices, which runs fine even without any optimization, we have also started working on how we want to roll our final version, we want our final version to be way much better than pre alpha. But with that we are also working on shaping up pre alpha for v2.0, which might be the last and final alpha playable online. Here are some stuffs which could be added to final alpha as well as final game. But that's not all, we add tons of more good and fun stuffs in the final game:
- Level missions: Yep, along with , kill "some" zombie and complete level. You will have level objectives or missions, 1/2 or more depending on the level, to complete and proceed to next level.

- Achievements: Who doesn't want them? For now, there will be some sort of stat based achievements, but we will introduce many more cool achievements on our way to the final.

- Level stats: Only for curious minds, we will try to show some interesting level stats, which may not add game play value, they are cool anyway.

- And some minor changes, yet to decide.

So that's it, we can't guarantee that all of the features stated above will be added on pre alpha v2.0, we will try our best, rest depends on their complexity while implementing them, as we are a team of two, we have to consider a lot of stuffs. Thank you!

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