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Just to put down some basic information about where I'm at with Sector X.

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I'm quite glad to be where I'm at already, even though I'm not very far in the mod's development. This is my first mod, and I've already considered it quite an accomplishment just to have gotten the basics of it set up and working. I'm not a professional (or anywhere near it), but I'm quite interested in game development so I'm really enjoying the experience and I wish to be able to share it with all of you too.

Sector X started just a couple of weeks ago when I was working on a stand alone map. I had been mapping for a year or two and I really wanted to make the move to mods, as I wanted more room for story structure and stuff like that. I started brainstorming, and after a few hours deep in thought, I came up with the idea for making a mod about relocation. In the first level of Half-Life 2, many citizens mention about being relocated, and I wanted to expand on this. After a few more days of thinking, I finally got to where I currently am with the story, "After a devastating combine raid, you wake up to find yourself in an immense pile of wreckage, and in a very bad situation. The combine round up the unfortunate survivors and bring them to a "Relocation Camp" where they will either die a terribly painful death or be turned into a stalker. How will you escape this fate? "

I really liked the idea of expanding on stalkers, as we know very little about them. So I decided I'd bring the player to the very place the stalkers are created.

I would appreciate some feedback, please tell me what you think.

-J & A Games

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