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Hello everyone,

I said in the note preceding it nor have any weapons. However, you'll have 4 usable power in a totally free, but depending on the environment and your vital energy. In addition, we are currently working on the possibility of still having a weapon, but I'd rather not say anything yet, because we are sure of nothing.

One of the 4 powers was found through CyberAlien with whom I had worked on a similar project last year. The idea is that you can use all the objects in the environment as protection or as a shot. This way you can at any time you dispose of your enemies even if you do not have enough energy. And if you protect your robot is H.S.

Moreover, the robot will have a limited lifespan but not by its energy. In fact, you should use each appropriately good orbs that you find. These can either power the robot, or you can improve it, but you will always have the power to orb, otherwise it will be usable and you will need to find a way to reactivate it.

I would give you more information next month. And I would put online some pictures of the MOD in the coming days.

The Orbes Previews of Nano and Buildings
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