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Some help with mod features and installation (WSE).

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I see people still having problem with the installation and still downloading the old 1.0 version and its patches. You only need to download version 2.0 and 2.1 and you need to drop them into modules folder.

About WSE; there are 3 links I will provide you: v4.7.7.rar?dl=0 (main WSE files are here) (and the exe files)

Download these two and follow this installation tutorial :

Also, some people are not aware of or dont know how to make some features work.

-To open/close your helmet visors press T on your keyboard and to activate helmet view overlay press Y.

-You can set a date for Kingdom of Lokti invasion through camp menu -> diplomacy options.

-You can activate PBOD features from PBOD menu through camp menu and make sure you activate Formations AI

-To create your custom troops you need to form your own kingdom then talk to your ministers and you will see an option to change culture. After you select your custom culture you will start recruiting custom troops after 72 ingame hours then speak to your troops via party screen and choose "I'd like to select your equipment". The equipments on the right are the available equipments, drag them to the unit's inventory.

-There are quests you can get in four ways inn.

-If you want to redesign your banner find the guy named Argus he will help you redesign your coat of arms but you need 4000 denars and 300 renown. You can also redesign your heraldry through your minister after you capture your first town.

-If you notice some textures going black that means your mod is about to crash and thats a memory error. Version 2.0 fixed all the CTDs but still this mod is heavier than most mods and Native Warband, if you are sure that you've installed the correct files ( 2.0 + 2.1) you may have to lower corpse limit and other graphic options for better performance and make sure you checked "load textures on demand" option from the launcer menu and close unnecessary ram eating programs like browsers or steam.

-If you encounter invisible horses that means your WSE is not working, double check the installation and make sure you launch the mod using wse_loader.exe

-Some noble clothes require both torso and leg part to work correctly, they are designed to be coupled only with each other.


Thanks, it makes easier!

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Do those exe files only work for Calradia 1417 or will they work with any mod? I don't know if you'll answer this question, but if I'm using a mod that doesn't mention anything about needing WSE; Can I still run WSE using that mod or will it not work correctly using it?

Great respect for all of the modders of Mount&Blade; Warband and the other Mount&Blade; games. :)

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